2oz Essentially Unique Perfumes

2oz Essentially Unique Perfumes

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Essentially Unique scents are as unique as you are. Handmade from only safe, natural, essential oils, Essentially Unique fragrances are vegan and non-toxic. Try one or a few of our unique mixes to get an edgy scent that is not harmful to your health or others. Each scent comes in a 2oz frosted round bottle with spray top. Samples 2ml each.

**Scents may seem heavy on the alcohol at first, but after you spray them the perfumers alcohol evaporates and leaves you with just the vibrant essential oil smells**

Little Tart is our brassy, sassy perfume, with bites of frankincense, rich vanilla and zesty lime.

Dreamsicle is just like your favorite summer time dessert! It's a soft mix of fresh oranges and vanilla; it's the perfect perfume for a sweet everyday wear.

Dream is a light, citrusy blend of grapefruit and maraschino cherries, with an earthy base that will make people wonder what you're wearing.

Petals is a sweet rose and lemon blend with a hint of woodiness, like a fresh and warm breeze in the spring.

Evolve an attempt to make the safe version of a commercial perfume! From floral touches of carnation and tart green apples, to the hints of evergreen and rosewood, Evolve is a crisp and wonderful perfume.

**Sampler items will have a stronger scent than full size bottles**

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